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Developmental psychology fascinates me and I’m surrounded by it.  A few months ago, Lana found an old printed picture of a castle I had.  She drew it and her interpretation fascinates me.  It is simple.  It is correct in certain details and terribly incorrect in others.

I have been slowly scanning in a kid drawing or two and putting them up on a rambling, flow-of-consciousness blog[1][2] for some reason.  Perhaps for posterity.  Perhaps out of vanity about my children’s artistic potential.  Perhaps because it seems worthwhile to pump fun, happy pictures onto the Internet — in contrast to the negative images that often plague the Web.

These two images are worth more commentary and broader audience.  Here’s the castle, printed:

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria


Neuschwanstein Castle, drawn by Lana

Castle drawn by Lana based on the above

Neurons are firing, forms and patterns and ideas are connecting and expressing.  Do kids see everything as a Dr. Seuss fun-house?

We love Kaiser Permanente.  We go out of our way to maintain our coverage with them.  Every now and then they do funny things.

Yesterday everyone in our family received individually posted letters (seven separate letters!) containing the same flyer and survey.  The flyer is for sports physicals in preparation for the next school year.  The survey is a “History Form for Schools or Sports Exams”, to be completed by parents for their children before their sports physical.

The survey is intended for children between the age of 6 years old to 21 years old.

No one in our family of seven falls within that age range!

What kind of family has five young children under the age of 6?  (Our oldest, Lana, had her 5th birthday last week.)

Why doesn’t Kaiser Permanente have our children’s ages on record?  Was their postage, printing and envelope-stuffing budget inflated this quarter?  We received seven separately addressed envelopes each containing identical papers, pertaining to absolutely no one in our family.

This isn’t the first time our strange family age density distribution caused confusion with our health care provider of choice.

Who says you’re limited to your own babies?

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