We sent this message out to everyone close for whom we could compile good contact information:

Our kids recently staged a protest on the front porch, complete with picket signs.

Our kids recently staged a protest on the front porch, complete with picket signs.

We are always looking for better ways to keep in touch. Seems the only time we reach out to the people we care about the most is when something big is coming up.

Speaking of big things, besides the usual parental sensation we get from five energetic children, here’s another layer of meaning to this Mother’s Day….

What’s do the signs mean?
In hieroglyphics, it says there’s a bun in the oven.  That is, Christa is on the nest, due November 14th!  (Six is a nice even number, don’t you think?  Conclusive, I’d say.)

What we need from you:
An avalanche of prayer — that it’s a boy!  Judah needs one more male around.
Besides, we are surrounded by baby excitement these past months:  In our small group, two new babies born, two more coming soon, two foster care adoption placements, several miscarriages, medical troubles and concerns.  Please pray for a healthy baby, pregnancy and delivery, no matter the gender.  (Please remember to request comfort for Christa’s friend Willow as she grieves last month’s stillborn, her second in a row.)

In other news
Lana starts Kindergarten in the fall.  She’s deliriously eager.  Ada has a slight fever.  She’s just delirious, mostly at night when every shadow throws her into a panic.  Zella has developed her own language.  Little Tolkien, we call her.  Perhaps she is actually surrounded by invisible elves who alone understand what she’s carrying on about.  Tirza is full of life and mischief.  It looks like her twos will be surpassed only by her threes when it comes to testing boundaries.  She’s off crayons for a while after four incidents in the last two days.  She has a low, throaty chuckle that reminds me of The Shining.  Judah walks around attempting words like “hello”, “ball”, even “hat”.  He teeths badly and gets at least four molars at a time.  He’s affectionate to mom and babied by his sisters.  I’ll be glad when he is de-throned by an even younger tyrant.

Besides incubating the latest little Flannery, Christa ran a new MOPS chapter this school year, maintained her photography small business and kept the household from going to all Edgar Allen Poe.  She recently shaved her head for Saint Baldrick’s day and to have an excuse to do something drastic in response to grief — for children we’ll never meet, for friends and herself.  Last night she caught up her family photo albums and looks forward to time stopping soon so that she can ever scrapbook again.

I (Brian) feel like I’ve been in a cave for the past six months.  I am free from the intense project that held my focus since September.  Now that I have a little more time, I intend to reconnect with the good people I know — children playdates, dinners on porches, phone calls and long talks about bright ideas or deep dreams.  I’m terrible at planning and scheduling so let me know if you are better at it or if you just went ahead and scheduled something for us.

With love,
-Brian and Christa Flannery with Lana, Ada, Zella, Tirza, Judah and more!