Childcare and catered dinner at a handsome venue?  It almost seemed like a date night.

We adopted through Adams County, Colorado.  We are still foster parents with them, waiting to see what happens with baby Judah.  Every year, Adams County treats their foster parents to a treat:  Dinner, entertainment, prizes but most importantly, childcare.

A photo of Brad in the middle of a card trick.Entertainment of the evening was local Denver comedian Brad Montgomery, an energetic maniac who interrupts his own introduction and waxed ticklish on the merits of humor and happiness.  During his talk, a woman in the audience stood to leave, requiring the restroom.  Despite her efforts to be politely discreet, Brad asked her to leave before it was clear to the rest of the audience that she was already leaving.  When she returned, he insisted we give her a standing ovation.

A recent foster parent himself, his jokes and real-life application lasted the long drive home.A flattering photo of Brad  (He advocates leaving your coffee on top of your car with a powerful magnet to see how many ways people will try to signal you, for example.)

The chicken and potatoes were incredible.  Nobody left empty-handed.  Even if the multiple-prize raffle missed you, you probably ended up with a door prize and the flower-pot from your table.

Food and all-important childcare aside, the most impressive aspect of the evening was being in a room with hundreds of fellow foster parents.  Some of them take severely handicapped and medically challenging children.  One couple had fostered over two hundred children.  One woman had fostered over one hundred teenage girls.  Teenage girls!  (Not all at once.)  When we asked the woman at our table if she was a foster parent, she said she had been until tonight.  After six years, her 18-year-old foster son ran away from home with his girlfriend.

Hard.  Lots of hard, crazy people with amazing stories.  Makes us feel modest.  So here’s to foster parents everywhere, whether it’s one or two hundred or recently zero:  We salute you.